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Our special Mermaid's Allure event is going on now!
Collect ten Droplets to create a very special cocktail!
Drink your completed cocktails together with your prince!
Each time you Cheers with him, his Tipsiness Scale goes up!
As he gets tipsier and tipsier, his expression and outfit will change!
And that's not all! Tap on the screen and he'll talk to you! What face will he make?
Raise his Tipsiness Scale to the max and get a letter from him!
You can collect Droplets by reading the story or doing Princess Lessons!
Collect enough Droplets and you can get wonderful bonuses such as bonus attire and special stories!
Get all the bonus attire to transform yourself into a beautiful mermaid!

    The bonuses this time include special animated cards of the guys for your photo album!
    This is also a special opportunity to see your prince in just his shirt!
    And you'll see that shirt disappear too... Go on, what are you waiting for?!



It was early afternoon, and the sea breeze was a pleasant caress against the skin.
Wysteria and Stein were working to improve cultural relations,
so we were holding a party near the ocean.
The sound of cheerful voices lured me in the direction of the balcony.
But I stopped in surprise at what I saw there.
(Hang on—what are you all doing out here?)
I looked around in surprise to see everyone standing there having a lively conversation.
Robert stood at the center of the group, holding a small glass bottle.
Robert    "I brought back a souvenir."
Robert had been away in another country holding a solo exhibition of his work.
He'd returned to Wysteria just to attend the party.
Robert    "It's a liqueur called Mermaid Tears.
Robert    "Tradition says that drinking it bonds you to the person you love."
Alyn    "Huh? A liqueur that bonds you—"
Alyn stared at the small bottle, a frown crossing his face.
Louis    "Alyn, you were just thinking something weird, weren't you?"
Leo and Giles both smirked at Louis's words, their gazes drawn towards the bottle.
Leo    "I'm sure any man would think the same."
Giles    "I concur."
They were interrupted by Byron's quiet, deep voice.
Byron    "That said, I've never heard of it before."
Robert    "It's unique to the country where my exhibition is being held, so it doesn't surprise me that you haven't heard of it."
Sid    "So, have you used it yourself, Robert?"
Sid's smirk was knowing, and Nico's eyes widened as he stared at Robert.
Nico    "Oh gosh! I really want to know that too!"
Robert    "Well—"
Robert frowned a little, and then opened his mouth to continue.
But before he could say anything, a loud cough interrupted him.
Albert    "The princess of Wysteria is headed this way."
Albert adjusted his glasses as he glanced towards the doorway.
At his words, the other men all turned to look as well.
I was surprised to see everyone standing together in a group.
I hurried over to where they stood, and smiled as I spotted a familiar face.
Tina    "Robert, you're back!"
Robert    "Yes, I am. Long time no see."
It had been ages since I'd seen Robert, but his gentle smile was as familiar as ever.
(I heard he was really busy with that exhibition, but he's looking well.)
Robert    "Ahh, that reminds me. Tina, I have a souvenir for you."
Robert held out a small glass bottle as he spoke.
Robert    "It's a liqueur called Mermaid Tears.
Robert    "They say that drinking it bonds you to the person you love."
(Bonds you to the person you love?
(What a wonderful liqueur!)
His words seemed to echo through my heart, filling me with an odd sense of anticipation.
I reached out and took the bottle of Mermaid Tears from him—


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08/02 10:00 am ~ 08/03 10:00 am (2X)
08/07 10:00 am ~ 08/08 10:00 am (2X)
08/11 10:00 am ~ 08/12 10:00 am (2X)
08/14 10:00 am ~ 08/14 10:00 pm (2X) 臨時跳出來!!!
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