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  Nico V.S. Albert 

The sun's rays shone brightly in the blue sky that day.
Albert had come to show Tina
to her room during her stay in Stein.
Albert    (I'd expected someone stubborn and strong-willed.
Albert    (Especially for a princess of Wysteria.)
Lost in his thoughts, Albert's gaze fell upon Tina again.
Noticing that the knight was looking at her, the young woman smiled back.
Tina    "Please feel free to sit, Albert."
The man jumped when he realized he'd been caught staring.
Albert    (We've met so many times, but it's hard to imagine her governing an entire country.
Albert    (She's just too kind.)
Albert    "No, thank you. I'll stand here and wait.
Albert    "There's no need to worry for my sake."
As stiff and formal as his address sounded, inside, Albert could feel his heart speed up.
Albert    (I can't be having feelings like this.
Albert    (I've never felt this way, and I don't know what to do about it.)
Albert looked down, lost in thought. Suddenly, Nico's voice rang out in the waiting room.
Nico    "Princess, they've finished preparing your room."
Tina    "Thank you!"
Albert    (She'll only be here for a few days and she still needs him to accompany her?)
Albert couldn't help but notice how close Tina and Nico seemed.
His eyebrows creased at every smile they shared.
Nico seemed to notice the downward spiral of Albert's mood and cheerfully called out.
Nico    "Is something wrong, Sir Albert?"
Albert    "No. It's nothing."
Albert    (What a nuisance.)
After Albert left, Nico showed Tina to the guest room.
Nico    "You must be tired from your journey."
Tina    "No, I'm fine because you're here with me, Nico."
Tina sighed as she sat down on the sofa.
Fatigued as she seemed, she still returned Nico's smile.
Nico    (She looks totally defenseless.
Nico    (The two of us are so close, but it's like she doesn't even register that I'm here.)
Nico    "There's some tea laid out for you. Would you like a cup?"
Tina    "Thank you!"
At Tina's pleased look as she held out her cup,
Nico couldn't stop his lips from twitching upward.
Nico    "Princess, you have something on your lips."
Tina    "I do?"
Nico    (Don't forget that I'm a man who cares about you.)
Still smiling, Nico reached out to touch the princess's face.
He slowly ran a finger along her lips.
Tina    "Nico..."
Nico    (I got her.)
Nico giggled slightly at the look on Tina's face.
She looked as if she didn't know how to react.
Nico    "I love it when you make that face, Tina."
Tina    "What face?"
Nico    "I think I love it even more when you're confused."
Nico    (I do like her a lot.)
Just as the thought crossed his mind, there was a knock at the door.
Nico    "Wait just a moment, please."
Nico opened the door to the hallway only to find Albert waiting for him.
Nico    "Did you need something?"
Albert    "I just came to give Her Highness tomorrow's schedule."
The man didn't make any other comments, but Nico had a hunch.
Nico    (This guy might have a thing for Tina.
Nico    (I should probably give him a warning.)
Nico    "If it's for the princess, I can tell her for you.
Nico    "Don't forget, I'm the one in charge of Her Highness during her stay in our kingdom."
Nico    (I know far more about Tina than he does.)
Despite Nico's practiced smile, his eyes were shaded with defiance.
Albert could tell Nico's true intentions right away.
Albert    (This boy has feelings for Wysteria's princess, as well.)
Albert    "A word of advice."
Nico    "And what might that be?"
Albert    "I very much doubt that royalty would give a little brat like you a second glance.
Albert    "You should probably save those romantic dreams of yours for when you're asleep."
Albert    (A princess like her would never fall for a boy like him.)
Nico    "Is that so?
Nico    "You seem pretty confident. Should we put a wager on that, then?"
Albert    "As you wish."
Nico and Albert's smiles never wavered,
but their calculating stares told a different story...

♥♫o‧°♥∴☆ ♥‧°☆∴°★‧° ♥♫o‧°♥∴☆ ♥‧°☆∴♥♫o‧☆ ♥‧°☆∴°★‧° ♥♫o‧°♥∴☆ ♥‧°☆∴♥♫o‧

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  Alyn V.S. Leo 

An endlessly blue sky stretched out above the palace that day.
Tina had asked Leo to come help her with her lessons in study.
Leo    "Shall we have a quiz today, then?"
Tina    "Sure."
She set to work on solving the problems on the sheet of parchment Leo handed her.
Leo sat there with his chin propped up on his hand, watching over her progress.
Leo    (There's just something about Tina.
Leo    (Her perseverance is so soothing.)
Lost in his thoughts, the time passed quicker than planned.
Tina soon put down her pen.
Tina    "I'm done."
She looked satisfied as she passed her parchment over for Leo to check.
Leo    "Wow, you didn't miss a single one."
Tina    "Really? Oh, that's wonderful!"
Tina smiled so happily that Leo couldn't help but stare.
Her innocent pleasure seemed to pierce through his heart.
Leo    (I just can't handle that expression of hers.)
Leo found it slightly frustrating that he couldn't keep his heart from skipping a beat.
Leo    (She doesn't have a clue how I really feel.
Leo    (Maybe I should try to get her to notice.)
Leo    "You got them all right, so here's your reward."
Tina    "Reward?"
Leo leaned forward and placed a hand on the armrest of Tina's chair.
She blinked up in confusion as the man leaned in closer.
Tina    "And what kind of reward is this supposed to be?"
Leo    (We're so close..
Leo    (I wonder what her reaction will be?)
Suddenly, an icy voice broke the silence in the room.
Alyn    "Hey.
Alyn    "It's time."
Alyn frowned as he stared pointedly at Leo.
Leo    (What timing.)
Slowly, Leo moved away from Tina.
Leo    (Guess there's no helping it this time.
Leo    (Alyn's interested in Tina, too, after all.)
While Leo was caught up in his thoughts, Alyn walked briskly into the room.
He stood in front of Tina to help her to her feet.
Alyn    "Let's go."
Leo    (I wish he'd stop, though.)
Without another word, Leo took Tina's free hand in his.
Leo    "I'll see you to the door, Tina."
Tina smiled at Leo, making Alyn's glare all the more pronounced.
Alyn    "Hm."
Leo    (Sorry.
Leo    (But I'm not going to give up on Tina that easily.)
Alyn was quick to pull Tina away from Leo's grasp and lead her to the stables for her lessons.
He straddled the horse and had Tina sit in front.
She listened carefully from within Alyn's arms as he taught her riding techniques.
Alyn    "If you pull on the reins wrong, the horse gets confused, so be careful."
Tina    "Got it."
Tina shifted her grip like Alyn had showed her and the horse started walking forward.
Alyn stared intently at the young woman before him.
He couldn't help but think back to Leo's attitude from earlier.
Alyn    (Leo doesn't usually act up like that.
Alyn    (But I bet she didn't notice the difference.)
Alyn    "Hey.
Alyn    "What do you think of Leo?"
Tina    "Hm?"
For a moment, Tina looked curious at Alyn's sudden question.
She quickly regained her composure and answered.
Tina    "I suppose I have a lot of respect for him."
Alyn    "Respect?"
Tina    "Yes. He's a wonderful teacher and very nice, as well."
Alyn    (I don't want to hear her praise him. I shouldn't have brought it up.
Alyn    (Now what?)
Alyn sighed slightly.
Alyn    (I can't believe that guy and I have the same taste in women.)
Alyn    "So..."
Alyn hesitated, leaning in closer to whisper into Tina's ear.
Alyn    "What do you think of me?
Alyn    "I'm curious."
Tina    "Huh?"
Alyn    (I won't give up on her that easily.
Alyn    (I swear it.)
Resolve strengthened, Alyn tightened his arms around Tina.
His heart skipped a beat as he noticed a small smile cross her face...

♥♫o‧°♥∴☆ ♥‧°☆∴°★‧° ♥♫o‧°♥∴☆ ♥‧°☆∴♥♫o‧☆ ♥‧°☆∴°★‧° ♥♫o‧°♥∴☆ ♥‧°☆∴♥♫o‧

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  Bryon V.S. Sid V.S. Robert 

It was nighttime and the stars shone brightly overhead.
A magnificent dance party was underway at the palace of Stein.
Robert happened upon Tina as she walked down the corridor, and took the opportunity to escort her to the ballroom.
Robert    (It's so strange to think that she was once a student of mine.
Robert    (Now she's a full-grown princess of Wysteria.)
Robert couldn't help but reminisce as he gazed at the sight she made in her lovely dress.
Some other elegant ladies of the palace took one look in their direction and began whispering to each other.
Woman 1    "Isn't that Robert, the artist?"
Woman 2    "I'd always wanted to make his acquaintance! He's so handsome."
Tina    "You're quite popular, Robert."
Robert    "Not particularly."
Robert smiled in chagrin at Tina's praise.
Robert    (These court ladies don't really know me at all.
Robert    (But...)
Suddenly, Robert came to a halt.
Robert    (I can always be myself when I'm with Tina.)
Tina    "Robert? Is something wrong?"
Tina looked curiously at Robert, wondering why he'd stopped walking.
Robert    "It's nothing. I just noticed that we arrived at the ballroom.
Robert    "Enjoy the festivities, Tina."
Tina    "I will. Thank you very much!"
The young princess curtsied before making her way onto the dance floor. Her dress swished daintily as she walked.
Robert kept his eyes on her back.
Robert    (I shouldn't think too hard about her.
Robert    (There's nothing I can do at this point anyway.)
Sid took up his glass and looked around the hall. His gaze stopped when it reached Tina.
Sid    (So she's come, too.)
Sid slipped through the crowd and came up to Tina.
Sid    "Hi there."
Tina    "Oh, Sid! You're here, too?"
Sid    "That's right."
Sid    (She's pretty charming for a princess.
Sid    (She's nothing like the other girls at the palace. I can't help but want to talk to her.)
Without realizing it, Sid stared at Tina.
An awkward silence settled between the two, and Tina looked up to smile at him.
Tina    "It was nice seeing you again, Sid."
Sid    (She doesn't fall for my charm, either.)
Sid    "Wait a moment."
Sid grabbed the princess's hand to keep her from moving away. He came in closer to whisper in her ear.
Sid    (And yet she stirs something within me.)
Sid    "What should I do if I want to spend more time with you?"
Right next to the princess, he could smell the faint scent of her rose perfume.
Sid    (Now's my chance.
Sid    (I'll just have to let her know I'm interested.)
For a moment, Sid smiled back at the young women.
Then, Byron came up to the pair.
Byron    "Thank you for coming, Princess."
Sid narrowed his eyes, huffing in frustration at the king. He didn't like the way the other man was smiling at Tina.
Byron    "I'd like to speak with the princess, if you don't mind."
Sid    "I see."
Sid    (Could it be?)
Disturbed by his train of thought, Sid murmured at Byron as he walked past.
Sid    "Could you make it quick?
Sid    "I was in the middle of something with her."
Byron did not appear phased by Sid's challenge. Instead, the corners of his lips curved upward.
Byron    "Very well. However—
Byron    "I do not intend to let you have the princess for yourself."
Without another word, Byron took Tina by the hand and led her away.
Sid's eyebrows creased in consternation as he watched the two.
Sid    (This doesn't put me in the best of moods.
Sid    (But I suppose this could get interesting.)
Byron took Tina out on the balcony to see the expanse of dark blue sky.
Byron    (I wouldn't have guessed that Sid would be after the Wysterian princess.
Byron    (However—)
Byron    "Thank you for traveling so far to come here."
Tina    "It was no trouble. I like Stein.
Tina    "It's a beautiful country."
Byron could feel his heart thud in his chest at the lovely smile Tina gave him.
Byron    (I understand Sid's motivation.)
Byron    "I see."
Byron murmured quietly as he let his fingers run along the back of Tina's hand.
Byron    (This princess is strangely captivating.)
Tina    "King Byron?"
A shy smile crossed Tina's face at the warm caress.
It made Byron smile.
Byron    "There's something I wish to tell you."
Tina    "Yes?"
Byron    "The next time I visit Wysteria, I would rather it be for pleasure, not work.
Byron    "I wish to see you."
Byron    (Whenever we're apart, I miss her.
Byron    (She's the only one who's ever made me feel this way.)
As Tina looked up at the beautiful stars overhead, Byron couldn't keep his eyes off his companion...

♥♫o‧°♥∴☆ ♥‧°☆∴°★‧° ♥♫o‧°♥∴☆ ♥‧°☆∴♥♫o‧☆ ♥‧°☆∴°★‧° ♥♫o‧°♥∴☆ ♥‧°☆∴♥♫o‧

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  Louis V.S. Giles 

The sun filtered in through the windows of the palace that morning.
Giles was busy informing Tina about her schedule that day.
Giles    "After this, you will start your dance lessons."
Tina    "All right."
Tina looked a little nervous at the word "dance."
Giles raised an elegant eyebrow at the shift in her mood.
Giles    (Perhaps some distraction is in order.)
Gently, Giles reached out to Tina.
He touched his fingertips to the edge of her lips.
Giles    "You seem a bit anxious about your lessons.
Giles    "Don't worry. I know you'll do just fine."
Tina    "Thank you, Giles."
Tina smiled back at Giles. The man could feel her expression tug at his heart.
Giles    (How peculiar.
Giles    (When I see her smile, I want to keep her joy all to myself.)
Once the sun was high in the sky, Giles left to walk the corridors alone.
He could hear the sound of shuffling feet coming from the dance hall.
Giles    (Is that...?)
He peered into the room and saw Tina in the middle of the dance floor.
Giles    (So it was Tina after all.)
Giles    "What are you doing, Your Highness?
Giles    "Your dance lessons aren't for a while yet."
She stopped moving at the sound of Giles's voice before replying,
Tina    "I didn't want to cause Louis too much trouble during the lesson."
Giles could feel his chest constrict as the woman before him said the other man's name.
Giles    (Strange. When I hear Duke Howard's name on her lips...
Giles    (I can't help but think things unbefitting of a royal tutor.)
Giles    "I believe a partner is necessary to better yourself at the steps."
With a most gentlemanly flair, Giles held out his hand to Tina.
Giles    "I would be honored to be your dance partner."
Giles    (Perhaps if I continue in this manner,
Giles    (She'll come to think that I'm the only one who can instruct her.)
Tina    "Thank you so much, Giles."
Unaware of Giles's inner thoughts, Tina happily took his hand.
Giles wound his arm around her waist.
Gently, he pulled her closer to him.
Giles    "Just let me lead you and try to follow the steps."
As Giles was about to put one foot forward, he hear a noise near the door.
Giles    (Are those footsteps?)
They were. Giles could hear the echo of boots in the corridor.
Shortly afterward, Louis swung open the door to the hall.
Louis    "What are you doing?"
Giles    "Her Highness wanted to practice a bit before your lesson."
Louis    "I see."
Silently, Louis and Giles sized each other up.
Under such an intense gaze, Giles couldn't help a short, mirthless laugh.
Giles    (I've never seen Duke Howard this worked up.
Giles    (However...)
Giles    "Now that you have arrived, you can begin the lesson."
Giles took a step back from Tina and met Louis' gaze head on.
Giles    (I will judge whether you are worthy of the princess.
Giles    (And I have not deemed you so, yet.)
Louis    "Hm."
With one more searching look at Louis, Giles smiled and bowed.
He then took his leave of the hall.
Tina then began her dance lessons with Louis.
Louis    (That look Giles gave me back there makes me uneasy.)
While Louis was pondering his current predicament, Tina fumbled one of the dance moves.
She accidentally stepped on Louis's foot.
Tina    "I'm so sorry!"
Louis    "Don't worry."
Tina    "Could you show me that particular move again?"
Louis    (I love how eager she is to learn. It's cute.)
Louis    "Sure.
Louis    "Come a bit closer."
Tina      "All right."
With a look of determination, Tina listened closely to Louis's instructions.
The purity of her expression pierced through Louis.
Louis    (I think this must be what it feels like to care for someone.)
Suddenly, Giles's face came unbidden to Louis's mind. He frowned slightly.
Louis    (But I think Giles might be thinking along the same lines as me.)
Tina    "Are you angry, Louis?"
Assuming that Louis's look of discontent was because of something she'd done, Tina wanted to fix it.
Louis    (I think that I-)
Louis    "I might be angry, actually."
Louis stopped their dance and held Tina closer to him.
Louis    "I saw Giles touch you earlier, and I didn't like at all."
Louis    (I don't want to give her to anyone.)
He couldn't stand the idea of someone taking Tina away from him.
Wanting her close, Louis tightened his arms around the princess.
Louis    (I think I may...
Louis    (I may be in love with Tina.)





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