。 My Sweet Baby。・ - Alyn

Chapter 1, Part 1/5:

Giles   "I will leave the choice up to you.
Giles   "Who will be your husband for the next three days?"
I opened the small box and found two rings nestled inside.
(If I can choose anyone—the answer is easy.)
Tina    "I'd like to choose Alyn."
At that very moment the door to the study opened.
I turned around to see Alyn standing in the doorway.
Alyn    "What?"
Giles   "Alyn, what perfect timing you have."
Giles smiled with amusement and went on to explain the situation to Alyn.
Alyn    "You want me and her to practice being married?"
Tina    "What do you think?"

I looked up at him uncertainly, and his gaze flicked away from me.
Alyn    "Whatever. I don't mind."
Alyn said gruffly and then turned to face Giles again.
Alyn    "The troops patrolling the border have returned safely to the palace.
Alyn    "I just came to let you know."
Giles   "I see."
Giles nodded, and Alyn turned and walked towards the door.
But as he walked past me, he murmured softly in my ear.
Alyn    "Come to my room later."

Chapter 1, Part 2/5:

Alyn    "Come to my room later."

Without another word he strode to the door and headed out of the room.
Giles began to chuckle softly as the door closed behind him.
Giles   "Alyn never changes.
Giles   "It's so obvious that he's trying to hide his embarrassment."

(I hope Alyn doesn't totally hate the idea of pretending to be married.)
I kept Giles's words in mind as I headed for Alyn's room.
I stopped in front of it and knocked on the door.
Tina    "Alyn?"
Alyn    "Ahh, it's you."
Alyn opened the door and beckoned me inside.
(You hate the idea, don't you?)
I stepped past him into the room and looked back at him uneasily.
He shut the door behind me and then held out his hand.
Alyn    "Show me the box Giles gave you."
(You mean the rings?)
Tina    "Okay, sure."
I pulled out the box and handed it to Alyn.
He took it gingerly and slowly opened the lid.
He stared down at the two rings nestled against each other inside it.
Alyn    "I know you're the one who chose me.
Alyn    "But this part is something I wanna do."

Chapter 1, Part 3/5

Alyn    "I know you're the one who chose me.
Alyn    "But this part is something I wanna do."
Alyn took my hand in his, and slid one of the rings onto my ring finger.
(No way!)
I hadn't expected Alyn to actually put the ring on for me,
and my eyes widened in surprise as I stared at him.
Alyn    "C'mon. Your turn."
Tina    "Oh! Right!"
At Alyn's prompting I took the other ring from the box,
and slid it onto Alyn's ring finger.
(Oh gosh. I'm so happy right now!)
I held out my hand next to his, admiring the matching rings.
My smile was broad as I looked up at Alyn again.
Tina    "So you don't mind?"
Alyn    "Mind what?"
Tina    "You were really gruff about it in the study, so I thought—"
Alyn    "Oh, that."
Alyn quirked his lips, his eyes moving away from mine,
and a hint of red crept up his cheeks.
Alyn    "It was too embarrassing, with Giles right there.
Alyn    "I couldn't act happy, or do this with you, or anything."
(So Giles was right—you were just trying to hide your embarrassment.)
I felt glad to know how he really felt, but I couldn't stop myself from giggling.
(You're so cute when you're like this.)
(You're so cute when you're like this.)
A moment later Alyn pressed his lips against my cheek in a sudden kiss.
Tina    "Alyn?"
I blinked up at him, and he smirked at me.
Alyn    "That's payback for laughing at me."
Tina    "I wasn't!"
Alyn    "Well, you can do it back to me if it'll make you feel better."
I mock-pouted at him, my gaze dropping to look at the ring on my finger again.
(So we're going to go off and pretend to be married.
(Does that mean we'll get to spend more time together?)
My heart was filled with a sudden burst of sweet anticipation.
And so my so-called married life with Alyn began.

Chapter 1, Part 4/5:
We left the palace and went to stay in a small cottage near the lake.
(I think that's everything.)
We'd finished most of the unpacking, and I turned to speak to Alyn.
Tina    "How about I make us some food?"
Alyn    "Sure, let me help."
Tina    "What? No, you sit down and relax!"
Alyn    "Huh?"
Alyn blinked at me in confusion, and then frowned.
Alyn    "Why? It'd go faster if we do it together."
Tina    "Maybe so, but..."
I hesitated for a moment, then decided to say what I was thinking.

Tina    "We don't get many chances like this. I want you to realize what a good wife you have."
Alyn's eyes widened in surprise at my words.
For a moment he looked completely dumbstruck, as if he had no idea what to say.
Then his expression relaxed, a gentle smile crossing his lips.
Alyn    "Well, when you put it like that—
Alyn    "Guess I'll just have to wait and look forward to it."
He reached out and ruffled my hair gently, and I smiled back at him.
Tina    "Thank you."
(Right! Now I've just gotta cook something amazing!)
His smile was more than enough to motivate me,
and I put on an apron and headed to the kitchen.
The scent of beef ragout wafted up from the big pot on the stove.
(Well, it smells delicious. I hope it tastes delicious too!)
I pulled out a spoon to test the flavor, but right then Alyn came into the kitchen.
Alyn    "I can't wait anymore. I'm starving."
He wrapped his arms around me from behind,
his warm body pressed up against mine.
Alyn peered over my shoulder into the pot.
Alyn    "Looks good."

Chapter 1, Part 5/5:

Alyn    "Looks good."
He tightened his grip on me and pulled me closer.
I dropped my gaze for a moment, looking at the ring sparkling on his left hand.
(I know we're only pretending, but—right now we're a married couple, aren't we?)
The thought set my heart pounding, and I licked my lips.
I glanced up at Alyn, his face still so close to mine, and said,

Tina    "Do you want to taste it?"
Alyn    "Sure."
I scooped some of the sauce up with the spoon and blew on it to cool it down.
Then I lifted it towards Alyn's mouth, and he swallowed it in one gulp.
Tina    "How is it?"
Alyn    "Great."
(Thank goodness!)
There was satisfaction in his smile, and I breathed a sigh of relief.
Then I realized he was sliding his hand under the hem of my apron.
Tina    "Alyn, hang on—"
Alyn    "What?"
Tina    "Well obviously, your hand!"
Alyn    "Don't mind me. Keep cooking."
I could hear the laughter in his voice as he pressed a soft kiss against my ear.
Tina    "I can't cook like this!"
I pulled a face at him,
but I couldn't deny that his silly teasing made me feel warm and happy inside.
(We really are like newlyweds, aren't we?)
I grinned up at him, reaching up to touch his arm.
That evening—
I changed into my nightgown and climbed into bed,
and Alyn reached out to catch my hand.
Alyn    "You're too far away."

Chapter 2, Part 1/5: 

Alyn    "You're too far away."
I was lying on the far side of the bed,
but Alyn reached out and pulled me towards him.
(Well, I just?)
I blushed a little, looking up at him.
Tina    "Are you gonna sleep like that?"
Alyn    "Why not? It's hot in here.
Alyn    "I'm wearing pants. What's the problem?"
I couldn't help but smile and he smiled back and hugged me tighter.
Alyn    "Hey. Since we're living together, can I make a selfish request?"
Tina    "Like what?"
Alyn    "Let me hold you in my arms until I fall asleep.
Alyn    "I don't wanna let you go."
His voice was a husky, enticing whisper,
and then he nuzzled against my neck.
Alyn    "I want to fall asleep like this, holding on to my happiness."
(Oh, Alyn?)
Alyn snuggled up against me, his eyes falling shut,
and the sight warmed my heart.
(I'm so happy right now, too.)
I reached up and began to stroke his hair gently.

Tina    "Goodnight, Alyn."
The next morning dawned bright, the sunlight peeking in through the window.
I heard a knock at the door, and I rolled over and opened my eyes slowly.
(Nnnn?is that the door?)
Alyn    "Geez, who's coming by at this hour?"
Alyn climbed out of bed, his expression still sleepy as he crossed the room.
He opened the door, and?
Alyn    "Huh?"

Chapter 2, Part 2/5:

Alyn    "Huh?"
(I wonder what's the matter?)
I heard Alyn's startled voice,
followed by the murmur of conversation.
Alyn    After a long moment, Alyn returned to the room.
He was carrying two large baskets with him, and I sat up in bed.
Tina    "What's going on?"
Alyn    "A message from Giles. Apparently we're meant to take care of these kids from the orphanage for a day or so."
(Kids? Wait, what?)
I climbed out of bed and peered into the baskets Alyn was carrying.
Each of them contained a small baby girl,
wrapped in blankets and sleeping soundly.
Tina    "Twin babies?"
Alyn    "Apparently."
Alyn peered into the baskets with me, and then spoke softly.
Alyn    "We haven't got a single thing to feed them.
Alyn    "Guess we're going out."
We found a baby carriage in the cottage,
and we put the babies in it and headed into town.
As we wheeled the carriage through the market, I said,

Tina    "You know, since there was a baby carriage in the cottage already,
Tina    "that means Giles planned for us to take care of them right from the start."
Alyn    "Yeah, I guess so."
Alyn picked up a bottle of donated breast milk from a local townswoman and frowned as he looked at it.
Alyn    "Does this stuff really work?"
I opened my mouth to reply, but right then—
???     "Ahh, parenthood looks rough."


Chapter 2, Part 3/5:

???     "Ahh, parenthood looks rough."
(Wait a minute—)
I turned at the familiar voice and saw Leo standing just behind us, grinning at us.
Alyn    "What are you doing here?"
Leo     "Giles told me to come see how you two were doing."
Leo smiled cheerfully in response to Alyn's scowl, and then turned to me.
Leo     "Tina, you look just like a real wife and mother."
Tina    "Thanks. I think."    
I blushed a little at his words, and Alyn frowned even further.
Alyn  "Stop intruding on our married life."
Leo   "Okay, okay, I get it.
Leo   "If anything happens, make sure you contact the palace right away, Madame Crawford."
Leo smirked at the both of us and walked off down the street.
Tina    "We really do look like husband and wife, don't we?"
I wondered aloud without thinking, and Alyn smirked at me.
Alyn    "Of course we do. We've got matching rings too.
Alyn    "And at the very least, I—"
Alyn's eyes moved to meet mine, and he stopped mid-sentence.
I waited for him to continue, but he stared at me, his cheeks turning red.
I blinked up at him, confused, and he started suddenly, his gaze sliding away from mine.
Alyn    "No, it's nothing.
Alyn    "This stuff must work, right? We'll get it."
Alyn hurriedly picked up the bottled breast milk again and turned to pay for it.
(What were you about to say, Alyn? And why did it make you blush?)
I couldn't help but wonder about it, but it didn't seem right to ask.
I waited in silence as Alyn paid, and then we walked off down the street again.


Chapter 2, Part 4/5:


Our shopping finished, we took the babies for a stroll around a nearby garden.
As we did so, we ran into a man taking his young son for a walk.
Father  "Ahh, what adorable twins you have."
Tina     "Thank you very much."
The little boy let go of his father's hand and ran over to Alyn,
throwing his arms around Alyn's legs.   
Alyn     "How old is he?"
Alyn leaned over and ruffled the boy's hair as he spoke.
Father  "He's just turned two. It's rough raising kids, isn't it?"
Alyn     "Yeah, it is. There's so many things I still don't understand.
Alyn     "What did you do about milk and feeding?"
Alyn glanced at the carriage as he began to talk with the man.
His expression was serious and intent as he listened to what he was told.
(Oh gosh, Alyn, you seem just like a real father.
(If we got married and had kids... you'd take such good care of them, wouldn't you?)
I felt warm and happy just thinking about it, and I smiled as I watched him.
We finished taking a walk and returned to the cottage.
Alyn and I worked together to warm the milk and feed it to the babies.
Tina    "Ahh, thank goodness! I wasn't sure if they'd really drink it."
Alyn    "Yeah, me either."
Both the babies looked happy as they fell back asleep, and Alyn stared down at them.
Alyn    "Aww, heck."
Tina    "What?"
Alyn    "They're so damn cute."

His gaze was gentle and loving as he stared at the babies,
and I smiled at the sight.
I remembered then the conversation we'd been having earlier that day.
Tina    "We really do look like husband and wife, don't we?"
Alyn    "Of course we do. We've got matching rings too.
Alyn    "And at the very least, I—"
Tina    "That reminds me, Alyn.
Tina    "When we were buying the milk, you looked like you were about to say something, but then you changed your mind."
I looked curiously up at Alyn, and he...

Chapter 2, Part 5/5:

Tina    "That reminds me, Alyn.
Tina    "When we were buying the milk, you looked like you were about to say something, but then you changed your mind."
I looked curiously up at Alyn, and he frowned a little.
Alyn    "That was—"
Before he could finish, there was a knock at the door.
Alyn    "Hang on."
Alyn reached over and patted the babies on the head before heading towards the door.
He chatted for a short while with the person at the door, and then came back.
Alyn    "Sorry. Some work came up.
Alyn    "There's a problem with the troops."
(I see.)
Alyn looked regretful, and I smiled reassuringly at him.
Tina    "I understand. Don't worry about me.
Tina    "Do you have to go now?"
Alyn    "Yeah.
Alyn    "Will you be okay by yourself?"
I looked down at the babies as I considered his question.
(The truth is, I feel a bit uneasy being alone with two babies, but—)
Tina    "I'll be okay."
I nodded and gave Alyn my most reassuring smile.
(I don't want to worry you, not when you have to work.)
Alyn    "If anything happens, go straight back to the palace."
Alyn reached out and gently caressed my cheek.

Chapter 3, Part 1/5:

Alyn reached out and cupped my cheek, his hand gentle and warm.
He pulled me towards him and gave me a soft, feather-light kiss.
Alyn    "Okay, I'll see you later."
Tina    "See you later. Take care!"
Both the babies began to grumble a little after Alyn left,
almost as if they could sense that he was gone.

(Ahh, now I'm kind of lonely.)
I picked up one of the babies, cradling her against my chest,
and offered the other a toy to distract her.
(Never mind, it's just me now, so I just have to focus and do my best!)

Alyn reached the palace and headed straight for the study.
Nico    "Alyn?"
Nico looked surprised to see him there, and Alyn spoke gruffly.
Alyn    "Tina and the kids are at the cottage.
Alyn    "If something happens, she's all alone, and she'll get worried. I want you to go check on her."
Nico    "I see. Did Tina say anything in particular?"
Alyn    "Nah. She just said she'd be okay. But you know, just in case."
Alyn nodded and turned to leave the room.
But Nico began to giggle suddenly, and Alyn glanced back.
Nico    "Alyn, you're acting just like a real husband.
Nico    "Your worry for her is written all over your face."
Alyn frowned at Nico's words, and turned back to face him.
He stepped forward and flicked Nico lightly on the forehead with his finger.
Nico    "Ow!"
Alyn    "Well, what else can I do?
Alyn    "I love her."
And with that he turned and strode out of the room.Nico    "Wow, I wish Tina could've heard you right then."

Nico blinked in surprise as he stared at the closed door.

Chapter 3, Part 2/5:

That evening, Alyn was still back at the palace.
(I don't know what's wrong.)
One of the babies wouldn't stop crying no matter how much I tried to soothe her, and I was starting to fret.
(She ate so much when I fed her earlier, but now she won't eat at all.
(I hope she's not feeling sick or something.)
I reached up to touch her forehead, and realized she felt much hotter than she had before.
(I need to take her to a doctor!)

I put the two girls in the baby carriage and headed straight into town to a doctor I'd always visited before.
But when I arrived I found a sign on the door stating that the doctor was out and the clinic was closed.
Tina    "No way!"
Before I could even process my shock, the sick baby began to cry again, her wails echoing through the street.

Tina    "I'm sorry, sweetie! I'll find another doctor!"
I picked her up and began to rock her, my heart filled with unease.
(If only Alyn was here right now—)
Alyn    "Will you be okay by yourself?"
(No, this is no time to panic and freak out.
(I promised Alyn I'd be okay. I'll figure this out!)
I put the baby back in the carriage and began to wheel it down the street again, when—
??? "Are you okay, Tina?"
(I know that voice!)
I turned around and saw Nico hurrying towards me, his expression worried.
Nico    "Ahh, I'm so glad I did what Alyn said."

Chapter 3, Part 3/5:

Nico    "Ahh, I'm so glad I did what Alyn said."
Tina    "What?"
Nico    "He told me you'd get worried about being all alone if something happened.
Nico    "So he asked me to come and check on you."
(Oh gosh. He must be so busy with work, yet he still did that for me.)
Relief and joy flooded through me to know that Alyn had been thinking of me so strongly even then.
Nico    "If we go back to the palace the doctor will see them right away.
Nico    "C'mon, let's go."
We visited the palace doctor, and he reassured us that the baby just had a cold.
The medicine he gave us seemed to work well, and soon she was sleeping soundly again.
(She looks so much better already.)
I breathed a sigh of relief, but I couldn't help the overwhelming guilt I was feeling.
Tina    "I'm sorry I didn't realize sooner, sweetie."
Alyn    "Tina."
Alyn stepped into my room, and I realized he must have finished work.
Alyn    "They told me she just has a cold."
Tina    "Yeah. She's finally gone to sleep."

(I was so flustered that I handled this whole thing really badly. Ahh, I'm a mess.)
Tina    "Alyn, I'm so sorry for worrying you."
Alyn    "Huh?"
I murmured the words softly, my eyes downcast, and I heard Alyn sigh.
I wondered if he was disappointed in me, but a moment later—
Tina    "Ow!"

Without warning he flicked me on the forehead, and I blinked up at him in disbelief.
Alyn    "Silly. Why are you apologizing?"
Alyn's expression relaxed into a smile.
He pulled me into his arms, cuddling me against his chest.
Alyn    "You're not the one who should be apologizing."

Chapter 3, Part 4/5:

 Alyn    "You're not the one who should be apologizing."

He tightened his grip on me for a moment, and I relaxed a little, leaning against him.
Alyn    "I'm sorry. I should've made you come back to the palace with me, even if I had to insist."
Tina    "What?"
Alyn    "When Nico told me what happened, I was sick with worry."
Tina    "Alyn—"

I could see the concern and fear written clear across his face,
and I reached up to touch his cheek.
(I had no idea you'd feel that way.)
My heart clenched, and I wrapped my arms around him, hugging him tightly back.

Tina    "Well, I'm sorry for pretending to be tough and telling you I'd be okay when actually I was worried."
Alyn loosened his grip on me at last, pulling back a little.
I looked up to find him gazing down at me, his red eyes dark and intense.
Alyn    "You know.
Alyn    "I wasn't going to say this, but—"    
Alyn's cheeks were flushed, his expression grave as he studied me.

Chapter 3, Part 5/5:

Alyn    "I wasn't going to say this, but—" 
Alyn reached up and touched my cheek, his fingers gentle against my skin.

Alyn    "Just being by my side is enough to make you the best wife in the world.
Alyn    "Just smiling at me is enough to make me happier than anyone."
(Oh gosh, Alyn—)
His sweet words filled me almost to overflowing with happiness.

Alyn    "That's what I was gonna say when we were buying the formula."
(So that's why you were blushing then.)
Tina    "Alyn—thank you.
Tina    "That makes me so happy."
I smiled brightly up at him, wishing I could find better words to express the joy I felt.
He reached up and brushed my hair back from my face.

Alyn    "There's too much work right now, so I don't think I can go back to the cottage.
Alyn    "But with the babies like this, I don't wanna leave you there alone."
Alyn slid his arms around me again, pulling me towards him.
Alyn    "I don't ever want to make you worried if I can avoid it.
Alyn    "I know the three days of our practice aren't over yet, but... you should stay here in the palace."
Tina    "Alyn—"

(You've been thinking and worrying about me and the babies the whole time, haven't you?)
I thought about his suggestion for a moment, and then I—


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Chapter 4-Sweet Ending, Part 1/5:

Alyn   "I don't ever want to make you worried if I can avoid it.
Alyn   "I know the three days of our practice aren't over yet, but... you should stay here in the palace."
(I wanted us to be able to pretend we were married a bit longer, but—)
I looked over at the two cribs standing side-by-side.
I couldn't forget the panic I'd felt earlier when I'd realized the clinic was closed and I didn't know what to do.
(I need to do it, for their sake. And also—)
Tina   "I'm not worried, but—I'd like to stay here in the palace."
(I feel like I understand a little of what it's like to be a mother now. So—)
Tina   "And I really feel for all the parents in Wysteria who have trouble when they're raising their children.
Tina   "I feel like I need to do whatever I can to help."
Alyn's expression relaxed into a smile at my words.
Alyn   "Got it. I'll tell Giles."

He turned and headed towards the door.
But halfway there he stopped and looked back at me.
Alyn   "Our married life may officially be over, but—"

Chapter 4-Sweet Ending, Part 2/5:

Alyn   "Our married life may officially be over, but—"
Alyn walked back towards me and stopped in front of me, taking me by the hand.
He removed the ring from my left hand and slid it onto the ring finger of my right hand.
Alyn   "My feeling of being a newlywed will still last another day.
Alyn   "If you wear it on your right hand, no one will realize we're still going on with it."
Alyn smirked as he moved his own ring from his left hand to his right hand.

Although they were in a different spot, they were still a matching pair, and I smiled up at him.
Tina   "Okay."
I nodded happily, and he grinned at me again.
Alyn   "So when I'm about to leave like this, don't forget my goodbye kiss."
Alyn cupped my cheek with his hand, lifting my head towards him, and our lips met in a soft kiss.

The next day—
The baby girls were feeling much better, and they went back to the orphanage with no problems.
Meanwhile, I had other plans.
I gathered all the doctors from the town to hold an open discussion.
(I hope this makes things work out better.)
The evening before, I'd spoken to Giles about what I was considering.
Giles   "An all-night clinic for children?"
Tina   "Yes. It's something I came to realize while Alyn and I were practicing being married.
Tina   "Even minor things can worry parents when it comes to their children."
Giles   "I see. It's certainly important to continue to improve the medical care of our children.
Giles   "Since the idea is yours, I'm sure we can get approval for such a discussion very soon.
Giles   "I think it's a wonderful idea."

I made the rounds of the room, greeting the various doctors who were attending.
Tina   "Thank you very much. I would be so grateful if you'd continue to support us."
After I'd finished speaking to the doctors for a while, I went to get a drink and take a short break.
(Oh! This tune is—)
A waltz began to play, and without thinking I looked around me.
I saw a familiar figure standing near one of the large windows, and I blinked in surprise.

Tina   "Alyn?"

Chapter 4-Sweet Ending, Part 3/5:

Tina   "Alyn?"

My eyes widened as I stared at him, hearing the faint strains of the waltz playing.
(Today is our last day of being husband and wife.
(I'd love to dance with you at least once.)
I reached down to toy with the ring on my finger.
Alyn crossed the room towards me, smiling as he came close.
Alyn   "You're so easy to read sometimes."
His smile widened, and then he offered me his hand in an elegant gesture.
Alyn   "May I have this dance, Princess?"
Tina   "What?"
Alyn   "I bet you were just thinking you want to dance with me because it's our last day, right?"
Tina   "How—"

I blushed bright red as I realized he knew exactly what I was thinking.
Tina   "How did you know?"
Alyn   "That's what your expression said when you looked at me.
Alyn   "So?"
He offered me his hand again, and I smiled as I looked down at it.
Tina  "I'd be delighted."
I lifted my skirts, curtseying politely, and then placed my hand in his.

Chapter 4-Sweet Ending, Part 4/5:

We moved into the center of the room and began to dance in time to the music.

Tina   "Alyn, did you enjoy our married life?"
Alyn   "Yeah, I guess. About sixty percent of it."
Tina   "What? What about the other forty percent?"
Alyn   "That was all the stuff we didn't get to do enough of."

I frowned a little as I looked up at him in confusion.
He leaned a little closer and began to whisper in my ear.
Alyn   "Taking a bath together, and sleeping together, and—"
Tina   "Alyn!"
I blushed and glanced around us, and Alyn grinned, his eyes sparkling with amusement.
Alyn   "You're blushing."
Tina   "Well, of course I am."
I looked away from him as the tune slowly wound down.
(Oh, that reminds me—)

Tina   "Alyn, there's somewhere I want to go after this is over.
Tina   "Will you come with me?"
Alyn   "That's good. There's someplace I want to go, too.
Alyn   "Maybe it's the same place as yours."

Chapter 4-Sweet Ending, Part 5/5:

When the open discussion was over, Alyn and I left the palace together.
We headed for the orphanage where the twin girls were living.
Tina   "So you were right—we did want to go to the same place."
Alyn   "Yeah."
The two of us leaned over the crib and peered inside.
The baby girls were sleeping soundly, their expression as peaceful as they'd been the first time we'd seen them.

Tina   "I hope someday they'll remember us."
Alyn   "Me too."
Alyn nodded, reaching out to take my hand and squeeze it.
Alyn   "Tina."
Tina   "Yes?"
Alyn   "Don't choose anyone but me, okay?
Alyn   "I can't imagine feeling this happy with anyone else."
My heart began to pound at his sudden, intense words.

I smiled up at him, nodding firmly.
Tina   "I feel the same, Alyn.
Tina   "I'm so happy with you, and I can't imagine a married life with anyone else."
Alyn   "Don't ever forget you said that, okay?"
Tina   "I won't."
I nodded again, and Alyn smiled slowly at me.
It was such a sweet smile that I found myself smiling back.
Alyn   "Tina."
Alyn leaned closer, wrapping an arm around me and pulling me towards him.
Alyn   "I love you.
Alyn   "The more time I spend with you, the more I feel it."
Tina   "Me too."

We gazed into each other's eyes, and our lips came together in a soft kiss.
(I will never forget today, no matter how long I live.
(I'm so happy I'm almost too happy.)
I wrapped my arms around Alyn, leaning into the kiss and feeling warm and content in my joy...




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Chapter 4-Premium Ending, Part 1/5

Alyn   "I don't ever want to make you worried if I can avoid it.
Alyn   "I know the three days of our practice aren't over yet, but... you should stay here in the palace."
Alyn hugged me tightly, as if trying to reassure me, and I felt warmed right through.
(It's true that I feel a little worried about returning to the cottage, but)
I pulled back a little from Alyn, looking up and meeting his gaze.

Tina   "Alyn, if it's possible—
Tina   "I'd like to send these two home from the cottage."
Alyn turned his gaze to look at the two baby girls, sleeping in their beds.
Alyn   "I get it. I want to be with them too.
Alyn   "Tonight, I'll stay with you and take care of them.
Alyn   "And if they're better tomorrow, we'll go back to the cottage."

Chapter 4-Premium Ending, Part 2/5

Alyn and I stayed with the twins for the rest of the evening, taking care of them.

(They're both sleeping well. Maybe they'll be okay.)

I pressed a hand against one forehead and then another,
breathing a sigh of relief that they both felt normal.
Alyn   "Why don't we get some sleep?"
Alyn was standing next to me, and I smiled up at him.

Tina   "That sounds nice. But I'm still a little worried, so I'll stay up a little longer."
Alyn   "You sound as if you're gonna stay up all night."
Alyn continued to stand next to me, looking down at the baby girls.
Tina   "Alyn, you have work tomorrow, you should get some—"
I started to shoo him off to bed, but he reached up and ruffled my hair.
He smiled at me, one eyebrow raised as he said,

Alyn   "Who do you think I am?
Alyn   "I'm way tougher than you."
There was a gentle light in his eyes as he spoke, and I smiled again.
Tina   "I guess you are."
I felt warm and happy, having him right there beside me when I needed him.
I stepped a little closer, snuggling up against him as we watched the babies sleep.

It was early in the morning, and the sun was just peeking in through the window.
(Neither of us got a wink of sleep in the end, but)
The babies had both slept well, 
and they looked healthy and happy as they gurgled and waved their arms around.
I smiled as I watched them, and Alyn stepped out from behind the changing screen, dressed and ready.

Alyn   "Someone's coming to get them today, right?"
Tina   "Yes. They said they'd send someone from the orphanage to pick them up from the cottage."
Alyn   "Okay. I wanted to see them off with you, but—
Alyn   "I have to work, so I don't have that option."

(Even so)

Alyn was acting entirely normal, but I couldn't help but worry about him.
Tina   "Alyn, are you feeling okay?"
Alyn   "Sure, why?"
Tina   "You didn't sleep at all last night."
Alyn   "Hmm. Maybe I'm not okay."
Tina   "What? Really?"

I blinked up at him with wide eyes, and he stepped towards me and offered me his cheek.

Chapter 4-Premium Ending, Part 3/5

Alyn   "I need my goodbye kiss.
Alyn   "I'm sure I'll feel much better if I get it."

(Ahhh, you're such a tease.)

I laughed softly and stood up on tiptoe to kiss him on the cheek.
Tina   "Have a good day."
I smiled up at him, feeling that little flutter of pleasure in my tummy.
A moment later he slid his arm around my waist.
Alyn  "Not enough."


He leaned close and placed a soft kiss against my lips.
Alyn   "That's better."
He grinned down at me in amusement, and I shook my head with a wry smile.
Alyn   "I feel much better now, thanks to you.
Alyn   "See you later."


After Alyn left I made my way back to the cottage with the babies.
Soon someone from the orphanage came to pick them up.

(It was a bit rough there for a while, but I'm so glad they were smiling as I said goodbye.)

I headed into the kitchen and began to prepare dinner.
I was halfway through making it when Alyn turned up.
Alyn   "I'm home."
Tina   "Welcome home!"
Alyn glanced at the baby carriage, still sitting in the living room.
Alyn   "So they went home?"
Tina   "Yes. I was here to see them off."
Alyn   "That's good."

(Alyn, you look a little lonely.)
His vulnerability in that moment just made me love him all the more.
I wanted to make him feel better somehow, so I smiled up at him and said,
Tina   "Hey, Alyn?
Tina   "Do you want to have dinner? Or do you want to have a bath?"


Chapter 4-Premium Ending, Part 4/5

Tina   "Do you want to have dinner? Or do you want to have a bath?"
Alyn's eyes widened in surprise at my question.


His cheeks flushed red, and I blinked at him in confusion.
Tina   "What's the matter?"
Alyn   "Do you understand what you were asking just then?"
Tina   "What?"
Alyn   "The answer to that is obvious.
Alyn   "I want to have you."
Alyn stepped closer and slid one arm under my knees and the other around my back, lifting me into the air.

(Wait a minute)

Tina   "Alyn?"
I reached up and wrapped my arms around his neck, blinking up at him.
Alyn grinned at me, his eyes dancing with amusement.
Alyn   "I'm not gonna drop you, so hold on tight.
Alyn   "I've been waiting for this, and I'm not gonna let you go, not even for a second."
His face was so close I could feel his breath against my cheek,
and my heart began to pound as he carried me across the room.
Tina   "Oh!"
We reached the bedroom, and he set me down on the covers.


Chapter 4-Premium Ending, Part 5/5

Alyn Tina."
I leaned back against the pillows, my heart still racing as he leaned over me.
A sweet smile crossed his face as he reached out to stroke my cheek.

Alyn   "Why are you so tense?"
Tina   "You startled me is all!"
Alyn   "So long as that's all it is.
Alyn   "Although it's true that this is our first time as a married couple."

There was a teasing smirk on his lips as he leaned close to kiss me.
Then he pulled back again, studying my expression.
Alyn   "Being with you, I could imagine what it might be like if every day was like that."

Tina   "What do you mean?"
Alyn   "We had kids, and you were cooking me dinner, and sleeping next to me at night.
Alyn   "I was so happy I almost couldn't stand it."
Alyn's voice was throaty and full of emotion, and it sent a thrill right through me.
Tina   "I felt the same way.
Tina   "I kept thinking, if we got married, you'd be such a gentle, devoted father..."
Alyn   "Silly.
Alyn   "Don't just evaluate me as a father, evaluate me as a husband too."

He lifted my chin, meeting my gaze, and then pressed a rough kiss against my lips.
His mouth was passionate on mine, and I closed my eyes as I gave myself over to it.
I sighed softly as our lips parted, feeling the desire building up inside me, and Alyn grinned at me.

Alyn   "After all, I'm sure you'd hate it if your husband was bad at this."
There was a roguish gleam in his eyes as he grinned at me, and I pulled a face at him.
Tina   "I would, but you're not, so I don't."
(It's not always easy to say this stuff, but)

Tina   "It's like you said—just being by my side is enough to make you the best husband in the world."
My pulse began to speed up as I spoke, and I saw a flush creep up Alyn's cheeks.
Alyn   "You know when you say stuff like that—
Alyn   "I really, really don't wanna let you go."

Alyn reached out with his left hand and twined it with mine,
our matching rings sparkling faintly in the dim light.
He kissed me again, and I lifted my head,
closing my eyes as I responded eagerly.

(I never want to let you go either, Alyn.
(I can't wait for the day to come when we're wearing matching rings for real.) 
I wrapped my arms around Alyn and gave myself over to his passion, 
imagining the sweet, joyful future that awaited us...



After spending three blissful days as newlyweds with Alyn,
he's all fired up to practice trying for kids of your own!
Alyn    "Here you are, all worried about Arthur's welfare, and talking about kids...
Alyn    "Don't tell me you're ready to have a baby?"
Make sure you practice all parts of married life!
Read this extra-special Alyn story to discover his passion.


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